About Saints surfboards


Born in 2021

Celebrating the unbreakable bonds of friendship and a mutual passion for the waves, our surf brand came to life, between a game of pool and a beer.

United by our unwavering spirit and love for the sea, we decided to forged this brand that not only honors our bond but also invites others to experience the joy that surfing brings.


Designed with a perfect balance of form and function. Each board showcases sleek, flowing lines and crafter curves, aimed to provide optimal maneuverability and control. Create your own desing and colours.


Unwavering passion for the art of riding waves. Every surfboard we craft is infused with the essence of our deep love for the ocean, embodying the freedom, adventure, and connection that surfing brings to our lives.

Project manager of the Saints Team - Verona
Luca Stroppa
Project Manager
Director and pro surfer of the Saints Team - Rome
Massimiliano Spolverini
Co-director and pro surfer of the Saints - Rome team
Mattia Argentieri
Official board tester of the Saints Team - Rome
Daniele Quadri
Board Testet